Automatic iCloud sync

Hi, I have a lot of comics in iCloud and it’d very good The app sync with a folder as in Chunky app, sort of streaming (comics take no space on device).
By The way probably i’m leaving that chunky to start reading only with panels, most for sync about reading status between devices but please, make The app download by itself or better an option to do it if needed.

Hello @ilCavaliereOscuro

This was already suggested here: Keep sync’d with icloud folder

I did not understand the last part of your message:

make The app download by itself or better an option to do it if needed.

Can you explain?

Hi, First of all sorry for my poor english.
Yes, it’s as explaned in the topic you linked but I notice that Chunky does not download anything on device, all comics are on iCloud and I can read them all the same as I said, sort of streaming, and when I put files on that Chunky folder app created in iCloud Drive everything syncs.
I don’t have to download each single file, just move them in the folder, of course upload takes its time, but then I have all on every device, iOS or MacOS.
I love this app and Hope I cleared all, If not please ask, i would like this app to be perfect as it almost is.
Thank you.

I notice also that your link is a little bit old, maybe you don’t like this feature…?
It’s extremely comfortable…

Again, I have a TestFlight account, is it possible to have beta version?
Thanks again and sorry to bother you…

Thank you for clarifying.

I agree with you that this feature makes sense and we have been thinking about it for a while. As said in the other thread, it is in our roadmap. However, right now we are more focused on other features (like supporting iOS13 or improving the reader).

This feature (or something similar) will come, but it is not a priority right now.
In the meantime, you can import your comics from icloud drive, and delete them from Panels once you finish reading them.

So no beta…? If I may ask…

Here is the link to become a betatester:

However right now there are no new versions.