Automatic border cropping feature

For those comics where the margins are very thick and consistent the auto-cropping feature is a great asset please consider adding it too.

Yes please

Well, with the new built-in detection engine ‘DeepPanel’ we can see this feature and other ones already mentioned in other posts added in a next update, any estimate of when this could happen Dani/Victor?

In Panels 2.6.0

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:ok_hand: Any ETA on when this update will be available? Really appreciate you doing this.

When we consider it ready for release.

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Let’s wait, then. :slight_smile:

Thanks :heart:

Version 2.6.0 is now available on testflight

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How do we enable automatic border cropping? I am currently on version 2.6.1.

It’s not automatic, but you can zoom in as much as you need to trim the borders, and then tap on the upper right corner to enable Zoom Lock.

Is automatic cropping planned in the future? Many comics do not have consistent borders

I’m afraid it is not in the roadmap. We implemented this feature due to popular demand, but it’s really out of our main scope.
For inconsistent borders, I’m sure that using an average zoom level would do the trick. I understand it would be pixel-perfect trimming the borders. But we see this feature as a way to maximize the screen space, not to perfectly trim the borders.

Trimming them automatically would require analyzing the page and we think the costs overweight the benefits for such a niche feature.
As always, we’ll keep receiving feedback and might reconsider it in the future. But for now, we are focused on other stuff.

I hope it makes sense.