Auto sort imports

One thing that always bugs me (as a former ComicZeal user) is that when I’m importing comics, Panels doesn’t offer to sort comics into collections based on name. It would really make the import process a lot easier if you added this in :pray:t3:

Hey @smithjw

Panels support alphabetic sorting but it’s a visualization option. You can access the sorting options by scrolling down and tapping on the vertical arrows icon.

By “sort,” I think he meant that Panels doesn’t detect that he imported something with “Detective Comics” in the filename and therefore doesn’t just deposit it in the Detective Comics collection, automatically. I would counter that I often import comics to collections you would not expect. If such a feature were implemented, I’d want a toggle in the settings to turn it off.

Ohhh I see. Thanks for clarifying :+1:

Maybe we could offer to auto-create a collection. Something similar to what you suggested @joecunningham (that we are planning to implement :wink:)

We’ll give it a thought :+1:

Yep, either auto-creating a collection or if one already exists, add the option to sort into them.

Today I imported 3 new comics and that involved getting the files into the app, then selecting all 22 issues of comic one, creating a new collection, adding them in, then repeating for the other two.

What about auto-creating collections based on folder-structure? I already have my comics sorted into folders on my Mac (and mirrored on my iPad in my iCloud Drive). It would be nice if I could import by selecting folders and have each folder end up as a collection.