Auto Create Collections

Hi. I love the app. I think it is so slick and have switched over my comic reader to Panels on my iPad. However, it’s is taking me forever to import my comics. I have around 500 folders of comics organized by the series. Here is how I have tried to import and the issue with each method:

Put all the Cbz files in one folder (thousands of comics) and import through iCloud. It crashes before importing. It will only allow me to import 100 at a time.
Dragging into panels from iTunes. Same issue. And from an external drive. Same issue.

What I am doing that works is opening one folder at a time and selecting the comics inside (if there are more than 100, I only select 100 at a time). Then adding them to a collection with the same name of the folder. This has worked, but it is going to take weeks to import.

My goal is to have all my comics in Panels organized by collection.

All that being said, I have a feature request to have Panels be able to auto create collections based on the folder where the comics are being stored.

My comics also also have ComicRack metadata, so it could create collections using the metadata, but I know Panels doesn’t support tags at this time.

Either way, the app is worth it to take the time importing. But it could be easier.

Hi @RCohnhead

Thank you so much for the feedback.

We are starting to work on changing how the library and imports work. Our goal is to switch from an opaque and closed file system, to a completely open and user accessible one.

The plan is to create a 1:1 match between the file system and the Library in Panels, where files are the comics, and folders are collections. This will enable users to import comics without even opening the app, by simply dropping the library inside the comics folder.

This will also unlock the possibility of having nested collections.

This is going to be a huge project for us and we are unsure how long will it take us to release it. But it’s top priority for us.

Please bear with us while we implement all this. We’re sure it’s going to make a huge difference.