Author metadata via OPDS/Komga displayed in Panels?

Hi Panels team!

Really appreciate the great updates you’ve been making to Panels.

I saw as part of the recent 3.4.0 release that info for an individual comic is available with OPDS information. Awesome update!

I’m wondering if an enhancement can be made/is planned to display data such as author information including writer, penciler, cover artists etc? Example of metadata in Komga:

Personally, I’m thinking of leveraging these fields from Komga in particular. I know not everyone maintains this data in Komga and Komga populating these fields automatically can be spotty - but ultimately it’d be pretty great to search a Komga library via Panels based on author(s), for example.

Keep up the great work!

Separate question: Any news on a Mac app being made available? Cheers

Thanks for the encouragement and good words @alxprsd !

Regarding metadata, short answer is yes, we do plan to keep on building towards more&better metadata support. However, we plan to work on it more in detail after we release the Mac app.

Regarding the Mac app, me and Dani are now focused on it. It will take us some time, but you can expect the next major version of Panels to be the Mac app. We will probably open a long beta program for it. You can join our Discord where update more often/frequently if you’d like to be notified when that happen.

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Thanks for the reply @victor ! Sounds great. I’m on the Discord now and will follow along on updates. Cheers!