App per macos?

Buongiorno, due domande? Un app per il mac os? Lingua italiana?

Hi @Gieffe. we don’t speak Italian, only English and Spanish. Scusami :pray:

The mac os app is on our roadmap. We still don’t have a time frame but we definitely want to build it.
La aplicación de mac os está en nuestros planes. Aún no tenemos una fecha pero queremos hacerla.

We don’t have plans to translate the app to Italian, at the moment.
No tenemos planes para traducirla al italiano por el momento.

Un saluto!

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The app for mac will be helpful because sometimes we want to organize the library or give a quick read in a comic.
Adding support to ComicRack metadata in this future app will be huge.

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I’m so excited for the desktop-version of this app. On iOS/iPadOS this is already my favourite viewer, and could easily become on MacOS too. Currently I use EdgeView which is a nice image-viewer (which has clearly focus for Comic/Manga consumption build in), but when reaching the end of webtoons for example it instantly jumps, which is horrible. Also EdgeView seems to dislike Gesture-Zoom and crashes easily (no response from developer).

So I really looking forward to it, but no pressure. Take all the time you guys need!

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