App minimizes after a few minutes of reading, reading progress lost

Hi! New Panels user, love the app. Using an iPad 9th Gen, iPadOS 15.4.1, Panels ver. 2.12.2

Been using Panels for about a month now, but as of yesterday the app will suddenly minimize (not crash or close) after a few minutes of reading and I’ll lose all reading progress made during that session. These events do not seem to be logged in the Errors menu inside Settings. Specifically, this always happens (seemingly at random) right as I am beginning the swipe to the next page.

I’ve tried restarting my iPad, offloading and reinstalling the app, deleting and redownloading the comics, and recompiling the comics on my end.

Any thoughts?

I’m seeing the same thing. No crash logs generated in the “Analytics” section of Settings, and when I plug the device in and look in Xcode, no crash log is listed in there either.

Thanks for the report, folks.
Could you give this Testflight a try?

We think the problem is due to memory consumption. The app is not crashing, but iOS is closing it due to excessive consumption of resources. We have made some optimizations to free memory up while you read to prevent this from happening.

So far it looks good with the TestFlight version. I’ve streamed a couple hundred pages over ODPS and that would ordinarily have made the problem happen, and it hasn’t.

It might be worth implementing applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning or applicationWillTerminate to save reading progress before ending, just in case.

I’ve also had zero problems with the TestFlight version. Thank you for issuing this fix!

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Update: I’ve read at least 1000 pages today with no problems. Thank you for the fix!

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