App force quits when entering password

When I use panels in public while wearing a face mask, I’m unable to unlock them with a face lock. So after two tries, I get to enter the password. But when I select the “enter password” option, the app itself force quits and gets crashed for a few seconds. And also I’m unable to open it from a multi-tab, so I close the app entirely and had open it by using a face lock.

Hi, @Vyajr99 can you share a screen recording so we can understand the problem better?

I assume we are talking about the content lock. Right?

Actually, it’s for app lock for which I use Face ID and password.

Sorry for the low-quality gif, I don't how to share the screen recording as there's no video format option available to send here.

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Thank you so much for the video. Yep, that is definitely a bug.
I just looked into it and fixed it.

The next version of Panels will behave like this:

Also, you can tap on the FaceID logo to cancel it immediately and force the password prompt.


Thanks for looking into it and I like the new update it’s gonna get.

May I also know how to post a video of screen recordings here, for future bug issues?

And also I’m not getting any notifications regarding comments and replies from this community, in my Gmail account!