App crashes a minute into reading a large comic

After the latest update, for some reason the app crashes a minute into having a large comic open. Smaller single issue comics work just fine, but the large multi-issue comics will crash the app. If it helps, I am running the latest Panels and I’m on iPad iOS 14.2.

Confirmed, I have a really large “art manga” that is 3200px in resolution and about 1 GB, over 200 pages. I can read 3-5 pages and CRASH.

Panels usually does very well with hi-res manga, this is the first time I’ve noticed it crash in a while.

I have a similar issue. Panels crashing after a few seconds after opening a big CBZ (iPad iOS 14.2.).
It does not matter if I start reading (which works for a few secs) or just wait.

The CBZ that makes it crash has 1.18 GB size and 263 pages. The largest page is 9.1 MB size. The archive is structurally sound (I repacked to be sure).

The strange thing is that I have another CBZ that that is very similar and it does work.
The working one is 1.15 GB has 162 pages and the largest image is 6.9 MB. Also freshly repacked.
Both have an embedded ComicInfo.xml.

Not a big deal but I had to use Chunky again to read that large comic. Hadn’t done that in quite a while since Panels is so much nicer. Keep up the good work!!

Thank you for reporting this bug. We had a similar issue but we thought it was fixed in Panels 2.3.0.

Could you make sure you are using latest panels version?

Could @vebent or @Leoofborg please share the comic with us if possible (via private message) so we can try to replicate it?

Thanks in advance

I’ve done it with both The Boys Omnibus #1 and Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files #1. The app crashed with both a minute into reading no matter where in the comic I was reading. I made sure I was updated on the app and the iPad iOS and I was.

Test file sent. I noticed that if I read 5-10 pages at a time and closed the manga, saving progress after a while Panels stopped crashing. And yes this is current Panels 2.3.

Agree on this one. Most of the time it get crashes a lot especially when on vertical scroll mode.

Please, give the new beta a try. It has lots of stability improvements and will very likely solve these problems :crossed_fingers: