Anyway to connect to NAS?

Just got the premium because I thought I would be able to just read my collection straight off a network drive. It seems that all iOS comic apps don’t have this feature. I’ve got a Synology and a solid 4TB at least of comics, all sorted.

A simple network connection interface that lets me load up without transferring to my device is all I want. I’ve been using android exclusively because PerfectViewer did this years ago for free.

Can Panels do this or is it just something that can’t happen? So far Panels is a rad app, I just can’t see myself ever actually using it if it’s going to require me to transfer my comics to my phone

I also own a synology nas.
You have 3 options:

  1. Install Ubooquity in your NAS. I’d say this is the best option.
  2. Install Synology Drive (in your NAS and in your iOS devices). This allows Files App to see your NAS. Then from within Panels, you can use the Files App importer to access your Synology Drive.
  3. Again, within Panels, open the Files App importer. Go back until you see your sources. Tap the top right button (3 dots), select Connect to Server. Type your local ip address, username and pass. This will give you access to all your NAS folders.

I hope this helps.

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Just one more thing. Panels currently does not support “live reading”. We have a long term project to support it in the future.
For now, all files need to be imported to Panels

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Thanks for the reply,

I honestly forgot about installing apps on Synology, I’ve had mine since 2012 and basically use it solely for storage at this point, my real server does all the heavy lifting in my network. Thanks for the advice, I am extremely glad to hear that live reading a long term project goal and you plan on implementing it sometime down the line. Thanks for the great software and hard work!


I’m able to import using DS File as a source, but unfortunately I can only select one file at a time it seems. Anyone know if Drive lets you select multiple files?

EDIT: actually it seems while the file does download it fails to import into the app. I tried it twice, but same thing both times. Would be really cool if this would work.

Hello @renzokuken
I have a Synology NAS as well. From system files importer, you can either use “Drive” (which is the new Synology app) or you can setup your nas as a shared network storage, both would work.

I haven’t tried it in the store build, but in Panels 2.0 beta multiple file import is working as expected.

Thanks Victor. I did see your comment above about connecting to the server from the Files app, but I misunderstood what that meant at first. I just tried it now and I was able to successfully connect and import multiple cbz files at once, so perfect!

It seems like there’s a problem when I try to import pdf files. It’s weird because I was able to use AirDrop to send a few other pdf files without an issue, but not with Files. In fact when I use DS File to import a cbz file that also works, so the problem I saw earlier I think was actually with the pdf file itself and not DS File.

@renzokuken if you send us the pdf, we can try to reproduce the problem and fix it. Feel free to send us a link by direct message or attached it to an email. I’ll try to fix the issue.

Most of the times, when a pdf doesn’t work, it’s because we are missing something and we need to improve our pdf support.

Hi all,

Appreciate this is an old thread… but is this still the best way to import files from a synology NAS into Panels?

Yeah you can just make a shared drive its usually something like this Go to Control Panel > File Services > SMB and click Advanced Settings. Select Force from the Enable server signing drop-down menu to enable it, or select Disable to disable it

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@Greg Legend thanks!

New NAS being ordered this week (fingers crossed for Black Friday deals right!?) will test it out when that arrives. Thanks again!