Any way to disable "Contine reading?" pop-up?

Hello there,

So far I like the app but I dont like the pop-up when i go from one comic issue to the next. Nothing really bad but it gets annoying when i read multiple issues in a row and keep getting this message. It seems unnecessary to even have it there as I cann always just quit if i want to.

If there is no way to disable it at least make it so that you can just “turn over” like with any other page.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Ergiler
Currently there is no way to disable the popup. I agree with you that it might be a bit annoying and we will rethink how we do continue reading in the near future.
We still need to put some thought to it but I am envisioning exactly what you say, a normal swipe to move to the next comic, and maybe a small popup that auto-dismisses itself after a few seconds, to let you know that you are now in a new comic/file.
Thanks for bringing that up!

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