Android Support

Any update on Android support for Panels? I’m moving to a Pixel and the app I’m going to miss most is Panels.

I moved from android to iOS recently. I used
CDisplayEx Comic Reader, in my opinion better than panels.

Hello @skerbel
Despite our efforts to bring Panels to Android, I am afraid that it will take much longer than we expected.

@maibrl why is it better than Panels? I’d like to know your opinion. Are you missing any features or is it the overall experience?

Try out comica. That was the app I loved and used for years.

As I mentioned in another thread, I’m really missing an double tap to zoom functionality, because the current solution (press and hold) isn’t that comfortable because the finger kinda blocks the view. But afaik, this will be addressed in 1.8, so I just have to be a little bit patient. (Btw, when are you planning to release version 1.8?)

Another little feature I’m missing in Panels is vertical continuous scrolling of the pages.

With those two features, it’s effortless to read one handed, as I can easily zoom in/out and scroll without being interrupted. Any chances this’ll be added in the next update?

Anyway, panels is still the best option to read comics on the iPhone, I’m extremely happy I discovered this App!!

Hello @maibrl
Thank you for your comments.

Maybe I explained myself incorrectly. Double tap to zoom won’t come out in v1.8, it will come in the next one (probably v1.9).
Version 1.8 is mainly focused on panels view and other improvements.
Improving the reading experience (adding different reading modes, like continuous scrolling, double tap to zoom, etc.) is a top priority and we will start with it as soon as we release v1.8. Are you enrolled in our beta program? I suggest you do, so you can try all these features even before we submit v1.9.

v1.8 doesn’t have a release date but it is nearly ready. Hopefully we can release it in the next week or so.

Any other ideas/suggestions you guys might have from other apps please feel free to let us know.