Alternative imports?

I’ve heard some great things about Panels and about to test it out. Got so far in as to see how importing issues works and while certainly viable, would love to see some alternates. Reading on the forum here, looks like AirDrop worked on and off for a bit?

I’d love to see an http browser push to the app like the Chunky app has. I believe it’s CocoaHTTPServer that handles it but it really is an elegant solution to importing. Just push the issues by dragging and dropping on a browser window with the iOS app open and boom, there they are. Just having to push them to a cloud platform first, then download and then if you don’t want to keep in your cloud have to remove is several extra steps that could nice to eliminate. Thanks and looking forward to testing the UI when reading. Heard vertical scroll was some new hotness!

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Yes, would definitely like a browser import functionality. And be able to bookmark sites especially if there are online directories which we can download from.

Hello @Commanderclif
Panels already supports web server imports.

If you tap +, web ser import, and turn it on, it will tell you the URL you need to visit to upload your comics.

Let me know if that’s what you were referring to.

@sachin I think you were asking for a web browser inside Panels. We think this is a good idea, but not a priority. From iOS13 is very easy to do it in Safari, download files to the downloads folder and then import them to Panels. I agree that having a web browser inside Panels will smooth this experience.

Ahhh this is what I was asking for! When I hit the + on my iPad, I was unaware that the pop-up window overlay was scrollable. I thought the options ended with OneDrive. Thanks for this info! Now that I see these options, I’ve played with Web Server, going to inbox before going to library is a new process for me but I can see some advantages to why its useful.

AirDrop is another great option I would like to try, but not having luck at the moment with it. When I try and send the Airdrop from my computer, my iPad says I need an app for this OR I can put it in my iCloud Files. What I’d prefer (and the web server is the best at this) is to not have to make so many copies between desktop and iPad. If I could AirDrop directly in to the App, great, but dropping to Files, which I did do on my laptop, there is the whole push to the cloud first, then download from the cloud, then no reason to keep in the cloud so delete and have it remove/sync to all my devices.

Am I missing something to tell Panels to receive the AirDrop from my laptop?

Which kind of comics are you sending over airdrop to Panels @Commanderclif?
Panels supports cbz, cbr and PDF.
In my case, as I don’t have any other comic reader app installed, when I airdrop my iPhone a cbr, the file goes directly to Panels.
If I try to send a PDF, for example, I get this list of compatible Apps, which includes Panels:

I get the same response if I’m in the Panels app or if I’m on the home screen like your phone test here. However, I’m on my iPad Pro. When I initiate the AirDrop send from my MacBook Pro, I get “AirDrop: Clif would like to share a file that requires an app from the App Store.” and then at the bottom “App Store, Open with Files, or Decline” as the screenshot shows. Tested both .cbz and .cbr and I get same. When I try a PDF I get a bunch more options and I do see Panels listed as you described.

So it kind of feels like how on MacOS sometimes you have tell the OS what program to use with a file type. For what it is worth, I do still have the Chunky reader installed on my iPad. Not sure if having both is an issue/conflict but would have assumed like the PDF the cbz or cbr would ask between the two, but I don’t even know if Chunky supports Airdrop ever.


Thanks for flagging this @Commanderclif

Making the app appear in that list is based on some configuration that is very poorly documented in iOS. It’s been always very buggy to us and depending on the import / share method, Panels appear in the list or not.

We’ll look into it.