Airdrop import (still) not possible


After Airdrop, Panels isn’t presented as an import option (although I read it should be fixed).
Am I missing something?


Yeah, confirmed that this bug is back in 1.12.3. AirDrop used to work with “single drops” and batch never really worked at least for me, I end up using the Embedded Web Server which is a lot more dependable.

I wish Panels had a “Notification Widget” or some easier toggle so I wouldn’t have to go “Plus, Cancel, scroll scroll scroll Embedded button ON… then OFF” so much.

Hello @spooky.iphone
We need to investigate what happened to airdrop. We will try to get it fixed with the next release.

Answering @Leoofborg comment about Embedded web server, you can turn on “Keep running while Panels is open”. This toggle basically will turn on the server always (as long as Panels is running).