Airdrop Drops!

Panels just got a whole lot better for me.

Airdrop started working!

I don’t have any idea why it didn’t work before or why it started now, but I’ll take it. I can airdrop comics from my computer to my iPad, putting them in the “files” folder. Then I can open Panels, find the comic in “files”, and import them.

Whoo Hoo!

Just noticed… When I airdrop a .pdf to my iPad, I am offered the choice to open it with Panels. Which works just fine. When I airdrop a .cbz file, my iPad does not offer Panels as an option to open the file. I need to save to Files and import from there. Not a huge deal. But since Panels is a comic book reader, I’d kind of expect my IPad to suggest Panels as the app to open and save .cbz.

Unfortunately, this is a never-ending bug and there no much we can do about it. This is not a bug in the app but a problem in iOS. File extension registration in iOS/Mac is fundamentally broken. Especially for file formats that are not standardized. PDFs usually work fine because it’s a standard format and there’s an “official” way to register an app to accept this format. But CBR/CBZ are not standardized and every comic app you install on your device is very likely to break the “Open with” feature to the others.

Here’s some more context about it.

Thanks for the reply. Airdropping to “Files” first is not a big deal. And it gives me a way to import when external sources like Google Drive are full.

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