Adjust to orientation still doesn’t work as expected

For version 2.12.7, adjust to orientation mode still fills the screen for double pages. This is annoying as if you rotate for double pages on default mode, it flips to the back cover.

Hey @DPE , how do you expect it to behave? That is the expected behavior for us.

This is annoying as if you rotate for double pages on default mode, it flips to the back cover.

Could you share a video with this? I’m unsure I understand what you mean

Do you have an easy way to post videos? Disqus won’t let me upload an mp4 screen recording. I’m not OP, but I noticed this behaviour yesterday when I was trying the “rotate to portrait to turn one page so I can rotate back to landscape and get properly grouped pages” trick.

Rotating back to landscape mode displays the back page on the left-hand side instead of the correct page about 75% of the time.

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Sorry to barge in and intrude but I noticed for the past 2-4 builds when you change from vertical to horizontal, it displays the cover page and you have to swipe in either direction to attempt to return to the correct progression in the comic. I too have a video showing this because it happens around 90-95% of the time and as a long time Panels user this did not happen before even when you changed the way the app works recently aka the one where the library is now accessible via Files.


I can’t attach a video for the same reason as @awh, but I experienced the same problem with the default mode and the adjust to orientation mode was a good alternative but that’s not working like it used to too.

Thanks for the feedback folks. We are prioritizing this over other work and, hopefully, we can fix it shortly.

Could you folks please send us the videos to :pray:

Some context: The reader is not really one but 5 different implementations. One per reading mode.
We have been adding features to them in the last years and they don’t scale well anymore. Some parts are a house of cards.
We had on our roadmap revamping the readers and creating a modular reader that will allow keeping building on top of it.
We have decided to prioritize that project and will start working on it in the upcoming weeks after we patch the issues reported in the current readers.

the orientation for double pages works if you turn “double page in landscape mode” off but not when it’s on. It’s

a non issue for me now but it’s necessary to let you guys know

:thinking: will look into this. that configuration should only affect the default reader. But maybe that’s where the bug is.

Thanks!! :pray: