Add “Next Up” Feature

It would be awesome if Panels could surface a “Next Up” section where the Recent Comics currently display. As I primarily read individual issues, the Recent section has no value for me because I read issues in one sitting. It would be great if Panels could surface the next unread issue in each of the Collections in a users library. This would be similar to Plex’s On Deck view for TV Episodes.

Hello @smithjw
Yes, totally agree with you.

One of our next big projects is an updated UI for the library. This update will address many issues that we currently have and will facilitate a nice upgrade to our “recently read” section.

This steps will take some time, but we are heading into that direction. I hope you keep using Panels to see this changes coming alive in the next few months.

PS: I am happy that you take Plex as an example as we are friends with a few of their developers :slight_smile:

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Anyone up for creating a topic that has a list of user request ? That way it’s more organized. I wanted to check and see how the smb support is coming and if you have two page display in the worlds for larger iPad models.

I think that’s a great idea (creating a new topic for that).

Both features are in the roadmap (I am specially keen to implement the doble page support) but I can’t give you a time estimation… not sure when will come, but hopefully soon.