Add Mega support/Bug importing files from other apps

First of all, thanks very much for your service, Panels is the best service in what it does and I’m a loyal premium supporter, thought it is not perfect yet.
Could you guys add Mega as a source to import comics in the app?

Or at least could you solve the bug that prevents to import multiple files from other apps? If I try to share multiple files let’s say from Mega trough share>copy to panels it brings me in the panels app and near the plus icon there is a blue dot, but when I click it and select the “inbox” it only shows 1 comic to import, even though I selected multiples.

We, the community, are Panels, we, the community, are the reason for Panels to exist. You that are now reading are the community, and you will solve the problem, this is the mission, this is the way.

Hello @Gameboy_Emu

Thanks for joining the community and reporting this bug. We will take a look at it. We are also improving the way we import comics into Panels for the next version so hopefully this should be fixed soon.

About adding Mega (or other import source) we do have a few services we want to add in the future (Box, Mega, etc). However, this may take some time to get implemented, if ever. Adding a new import source takes a lot of development time (each external service is different and requires a completely new implementation). We would love to have all major cloud services in Panels, but as I say, it takes a lot of time and we have other priorities at the moment.