A few UI suggestions

Hi there,

I’ve been using the app and so far it’s been the best comic reader on iOS for me.

However, I do have some gripes with the UI:

-The “Continue Reading” pop-up doesn’t really look great to me: the use of both black AND white colors on a transparent background and having both a transparent preview background and a flat white button make it really inconsistent in my opinion (it looks even worse when a comic ends with a dark page). By the way, since I’m using a dark theme I think the pop-up should be dark themed too

-This is a detail as the app remembers the state of the library but I think it would be better to take the user directly to the “On my iPhone” page when clicking on “Library” as it would be more user friendly and just less annoying overall (it was confusing for me at first to find my library)

-The shadows behind page previews sometimes glitch making them too tall (and too opaque) for portrait pages and just plain wrong with landscape pages (there’s also sometimes a shadow with no preview at all)

-The drawings when there are no content in the home page sections get really small in landscape mode and the text disappears or part of it gets hidden

-There is no orientation setting which is pretty annoying especially since I never read in landscape mode and I use an iPhone 12 meaning I have to move my hand all the way to the top of the screen to bring out the control center and lock orientation every time I read

-When the first files of a collection’s previews are in landscape so are the previews in the library which makes it very small and inconsistent compared to the rest of the library (this may not be very important since mangas and comics have different reading direction making it difficult to implement a solution for fitting the covers)

I hope you can fix these issues as I really like this app and hope I didn’t come across as being rude as it was not my intention.


PS: I have an image in the link below describing all the issues aforementioned (I think the image is shrunk if I post it here)

Untitled | iPeanuts Peanuts | Flickr

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Thanks for the feedback and the time put into it.

Most of these things are on our radar. :wink:
Regarding the orientation, Panels Library on iPhone is not designed to be presented in landscape. It should always be in portrait mode. But due to some technical limitations of our current implementation, we had to allow rotation in the Library. But we plan to disable rotation at some point.

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Thanks for answering to my topic! I really appreciate developers who listen to their users and it’s reassuring that you are already aware of these little things. Anyway, thanks for replying and keep doing what you’re doing! :+1: