A feature request

Is cloud storage possible? Idk if it can be done but a cloud space so the titles don’t consume so much storage would be awesome

If you goto library there should be a + symbol where you can select where to import from. It looks like this

Oh i mean when you import titles they usually take up the device’s storage, so a cloud storage to store imported titles would be great!


Hi @Rawan_Mostafa

We don’t have that feature for now, but we are working towards it.
At the moment, all of the files are stored in an internal folder that iOS calls “sandbox”. We are working on implementing an open sandbox that will allow users to have access to it and modify it directly. Once we have that, we’ll explore the possibility of using an external folder to store the library. This folder could be in iCloud Drive or any other location.

We don’t have a time-frame yet but it’s one of our priorities.
Stay tuned!