2nd Device Issue

Hey, new guy here.

I just discovered Panels, I have been looking for an app that would allow to go between devices, but that’s not the case. My primary device is my phone, but my friend wanted to also read the comics. When I go to log in with Google on her device it doesn’t show any of the comics. It’ll only show what is currently being read, but can’t locate any of the comics I uploaded to the server on her device. Shouldn’t they be able to port over to her device or does she also need to speed the $20 for the full upgrade? I’m just a little confused as it says that its seamless between devices and yet that’s just not the case. I was hoping it would have an easy way to share with friends kind of like Plex.

What am I doing wrong?


I’m sorry it’s not clear enough. The Google/Apple SignIn is for your Panels account, but it only syncs your reading progress across devices. It doesn’t sync your content. Think of it as your profile.

If you want your content synced with the least setup involved, I recommend using an iCloud Drive library.
All the comics you put in your iCloud Drive folder, will be synced on all your devices.

If you want to share the content with someone else, you can share the iCloud Drive folder and add it to each others’ Panels.

To use iCloud Drive libraries, you need a Panels+ Subscription or a one-off Panels 3 purchase. Purchases and subscriptions are associated with Apple IDs, so everyone needs their own. But if you want to share content with someone in your household, all our Purchases and Subscriptions support Apple Family Sharing.

So, my recommendation is:

  • Create one Panels Account (Google/Apple SignIn) for each one of you. So you can have your own reading progress without interfering with the other one.

  • Make sure you two are in the same Apple Family so you can share the purchase/subscription. If you don’t want to include them in your family, they need their own subscription/purchase.

  • Create an iCloud Drive Folder and share it with your friend(s)

  • In Panels, add a new Library (on iPhone is on Library Tab > Menu > Add another Library. On iPad it’s in the Side Panel menu > Add another Libary). Then select the iCloud Drive folder.

And that’s it. Your content should synchronize across devices and your reading progress will be separated.
I hope that helps.

Also, sorry for the late reply :pray: