2.2 Hide Home Bar

I think my favorite Panels perk broke in the latest update because the home bar no longer hides after a few seconds in this version. As I currently use an 3rd and 4th Generation iPad pro to read it makes it harder to share clean screenshots to my friends.

Oops. That’s definitely a bug. Will fix it shortly. :pray:

Thanks that will be a much needed fix. The double page reader made the app 99.99% perfect to be honest which drove me to go premium. To be honest, panels has the cleanest look and animations etc. of all the ios readers which makes the bug more annoying. May I know the time frame for the fix?

Hey @mikozee sorry for the late reply.

The fix is already in place. It was added to 2.2.1 (if I recall correctly). Once you open a comic, the home indicator autohides after a few seconds. It remains hidden until you tap on the screen. But we can’t do much about it. It’s the system behaviour and there’s no way to override it. I’ve tested it swiping pages instead of tapping on the active borders, and the home indicator remains hidden.

Let us know if that work for you.

Yes this is exactly how it was before 2.2 and I love it! (Afaik this is the only app that hides the home bar in a full screen mode setting). Thanks again!