120 fps in the app

Hi, will you make the app 120 fps for the iphone 13 pro ?

It’s currently 60 fps :confused:

We’ll definitely do. But it’s not as simple as just enabling 120fps.
Apple recommends that you implement “variable refresh rate” to avoid draining the battery. That means enabling max fps, but also implementing fps caps in all the places where 120fps is not really needed.
If you’re interested, you can read more here Apple Developer Documentation

This requires time and it’s not as simple as turning on a flag. It’s on our roadmap though.
We’re also very excited about ProMotion and high refresh rate devices :wink:

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I just have to once again say that I love how committed the dev team is and how often they are willing to share what the plans for the future are.

You guys are awesome and I genuine use the panels app constantly.

To the point I don’t auto update my apps just so I can read the patch notes for updates on this specific app.