1-finger zoom on vertical scroll is not functional

This is a minor request but hoping Panels can be updated. I’m using an iPhone 12 in this specific scenario.

Currently the 1-finger zoom functionality works as expected on the ‘Default’, ‘Fill screen’ and ‘Adjust to orientation’ reader views but not on the ‘Vertical scroll’ view.

If possible, can the ‘Vertical scroll’ reader view incorporate the 1-finger zoom functionality? Thanks. Keep up the great work!

Duly noted.
At the moment, each reading mode has its own implementation. That means that, for every new feature, we have to replicate it and adapt it to each different reader.

We are about to start unifying the readers in a single modular implementation.
Once we do that, all of the features will be available in all of the reading modes.

Thanks for bearing with us

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Thanks for the response! Sounds good @dani

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