Vertical mode for to width doesn't work

I like to read my comics as similar to hardcopy comics as possible. This means reading it in portrait mode and full page viewing. Unfortunately, the page does not fit to width, which makes me feel like I’m not using my full screen. Seems to work fine in horizontal mode.

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Same for me. Actually just came here to report this exact issue.

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I believe this is the same as:

We’ve been working on this lately and next version of Panels will come with some changes in that regard.
The fit-to-width reader was very old and its name generates a lot of confusion because it doesn’t behave like that when the device is in a vertical orientation.

We have decided to remove this reader and replace it with two new ones:

  • Fill screen.
  • Adapt to orientation.

Fill screen behaves exactly like the old fit-to-width in landscape mode, but also vertical. Pages will fill the screen completely, and the internal scroll will follow the page orientation.
Here’s a sneak peek of it.

Adapt to orientation behaves like the old fit-to-width in vertical mode, but also in landscape. The page will be fitted into the screen based on the device orientation. If your device orientation is vertical, vertical pages will fit the screen and landscape pages will scroll horizontally. If your device orientation is landscape, vertical pages will scroll vertically, and horizontal pages will fit the screen.
Here’s another sneak peek.

Next release, that will come out shortly, will include these new readers.

Let us know your thoughts!

BTW, these readers are included in the newest Testflight.

Feel free to join the beta and give it a try.

Late reply but thank you for the update @dani ! Works perfectly. Great job!