Unread Comics virtual folder

Hi there, let me preface this by stating I am a very happy Panels user (which, coming form a long time Chunky user, is higher praise than it might sound). Panels has been coming along quite nicely, and I am excited for some of the announced features like file system access. Excellent work overall!

The one thing I am really missing in my daily usage is a place where I can see all my unter comic books listed. Be it as a section in the Reading Now view or as its own entry in the sidebar, I am really missing this (I’ve seen the thread for adding “Up Next” functionality for OPDS books, but I’m unsure how much this overlaps what I am wishing for here). The dream would be having that section available as a widget; as someone who does rarely, if ever, interrupt reading a comic issue, I have found Panel’s current “Now Reading” widget pretty but useless.

Is this an idea you would consider or even have considered already?


Thanks for the feedback @kopischke

Duly noted :+1:

What would be a good widget for you? Showing random unread comics? Showing the “up next” comic?

Ah, “unter comic books”, “unread comic books”, whose autocorrect knows the difference? Anyway…onwards. Thanks for asking, @dani – if the widget shows ohne comic only, I think I’d prefer for it to be a random unread one; but maybe that could be a widget configuration option?

Going senile, already posted a feature requst for “smart folders” and “filters” over here: