Reading Time is wrong

As the title says, the reading time seems to be wrong…

I have read manga that took me about an hour to finish, but the reading time was only showing about 10-20 minutes… So I decided to completely reset the app, and then reinstall it, but the problem appeared again when I read another manga that took me around 30 minutes to finish, but it showed only like 7 minutes now.

By the way, I absolutely love the app, I have been using it for around a year to read manga and comics.

Also I’m using an iPhone SE (2020) with iOS 14.8.

We just found a problem with the vertical scroll reader that causes issues with the reading sessions.
Any chance you are using the Vertical Scroll reader? If so, sorry about that :pray: We will be releasing a fix shortly.
In the meantime, it’s better to use any of the other readers.

I am not using the Vertical Scroll reader, I’m actually using the default reader but the direction is Right to Left instead.

I think we know what it is now. How are you checking that the time is tracked correctly? Are you opening a comic, waiting a few seconds, and then showing the menu?

We just realized that, even though the time is being tracked correctly, we are not updating the time counter label until you change the page.

Could you try waiting a few seconds, changing the page, and then opening the menu to see if the timer is showing what you expect?

This will be fixed in the next release, though the time is being tracked correctly. It’s “only” a UI issue.

It still has the issue… I actually think it could be related to saving an image because I saved an image at 15 seconds, then read like 8 pages in like 2 minutes but now the timer showed like it was just 20 seconds.

We released a new beta today. Could you install it and let us know if it works better now? :pray:

I tried the beta out before the stable release, and it worked fine.


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