Reading mode - Fit to width (crop panels)


I like reading in ‘fit to width’ reading mode, but some comics do have a huge white borders.
‘Panels’-view does away with them, but only shows - well, a single panel at a time…
How about a combination of the two? A ‘fit to width’ mode, that crops the white borders of the page?

Would be great :).

Kind regards,

He @spooky.iphone
Good suggestion. However, including computer vision (what we used to create Panels View) into other readers will take some time. Panels View is still a work in progress project (that we decided to ship because it was close to perfect), but we still have lot of work to do.
Another use for computer vision in other readers would be to automatically change the background color using the current page background color. Although it seems easy, it is quite challenging.
We have some ideas that involve improving the current reading modes with what we are learning from Panels View, but its development is much harder and slower than other features.

No worries…

It great to be able to even read digital comics on my iPhone :).

keep up the great work!

I can’t tell if this means you are or are not working on adding this. I’m a brand new Panels user as of today, and I really like the design, but this is actually really bugging me while reading in Panels. On reflection, it shouldn’t bother me so much, since a black background should go with everything, but it really does. Maybe just because I got used to it in other apps. It would be absolutely wonderful if you guys could add this.

Yep. We are definitely working on this :+1:

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