Panels not able to open files as large as 3GB?

Hi Panels community.

I picked up an omnibus of a comic which is just over 3GB in size, with around 939 pages, but although it imports (either using the import feature or directly copying to Panels via the Files app), there is an error message when trying to open the file.

I know the file isn’t corrupted as I am able to open this in another app called iComics, but I wanted to read this on Panels since the reading experience is better on Panels.

So my question is, is Panels not able to import and open files that go beyond a certain file size and whether this can be resolved in a future update?


We have tested files larger than 3GB and more than 939 pages without issues.

Reach us at or DM me. If you can share the file with us, I can try to reproduce and fix the issue.

@Peter_Chau We are looking into this.

I tested your file, and I’m actually getting a minizip error -103 UNZ_BADZIPFILE. So, something is wrong with the file. Maybe iComics uses a different unzip library capable of auto fixing some file issues.

We are looking at the possibility of updating/changing the unzip library.

In the meantime, if you unpack and repack the cbz, it should work.

I’ll try to find a long-term solution soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience

Hi Dani,

Ah, so that’s what happened there. Thanks for checking and good to know it wasn’t Panels that was the problem but rather that file.


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