Panels 2.1: OPDS support


Panels 2.1 brings OPDS support. That means, apart from supporting Ubooquity, Panels now supports other media servers like Komga or Calibre.

Panels 2.1 also includes new Reading Now section: “Next Up”, which shows the next comic to read in the collection you are reading.

Panels 2.1 is currently available for beta testers and will be available in the store (hopefully) by the end of the week.

PS: Give some kudos to @dani because he basically implemented the whole thing :smiley:
PS2: Panels still does not support streaming, Panels uses OPDS servers to browse and import comics easily.


Glad to know that (comics/mangas server)is also supported in the application. :+1: :smile:

Hooray! It will also log in to Mylar OPDS, but doesn’t seem to work being that. But Komga is a great start!

One quibble - it looks like the OPDS display sorts everything alphabetically, disregarding the sorting provided by the OPDS provider.

This breaks things like Komga’s “Latest series” functionality. Could we have it retain the sort provided?

That’s a typical issue on opds readers, chunky has the same problem. Opds feeds are sorted server side and should NOT be sorted on client side, ever.

Thanks for the feedback :raised_hands: I didn’t realise about this until now.

This is an issue in the frontend. We use the same interface for all our import services (Google Drive, Dropbox, … ) and obviously, OPDS.

I’ll make the required changes in that view controller to keep the sorting from the feed and only apply alphabetical sorting on the other import services.

A new patched version should be available this week :wink:

I’ll give Mylar feed a look. We only tested the new OPDS client with Komga, Calibre and Ubooquity. Thanks for flagging it :+1:

We just released a new version (2.1.1) with some OPDS improvements. Mylar should work fine now, and OPDS feed sorting is not modified anymore.

Thanks for the feedback!

When importing from Mylar 3, I’m getting

Service Error
Unknown error

in Panels when I try to access the Recent Additions folder. But I can import just fine from the Publishers or All Titles folders. Mylar logs look fine:

Recieved OPDS command: Recent

Any ideas?

Hi @toby

Sorry for the late reply. We’ll look into it. Sounds like the Recent Additions feed is different from the others and we might have missed something. I tested Mylar 3, but it’s very likely that I only tested importing from the Publishers/All Titles feed.

I’ll get back to you when I know more.

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Looks as though the issue may be at Mylar’s end. There’s a pending merge that may fix it.

Confirming this is now fixed by Mylar’s last version update.

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Amazing! Thanks for letting us know @toby :raised_hands: