Library issue displaying wrong content

On my iPad all of the sudden my library is hosed kind of. It was fine yesterday all I did was transferred some comics 200ish to the app. When I opened the app it took a few minutes for the comics to appear. Ever since its been hosed.

It seems when I click to open folder the pervious folder opens. This is a problem because I can’t select and move files to the correct folder.

I have probably 2000 comics and pdf magazines in my library. If I uninstall Ill loose all my content.

I’m not sure what the problem was but it resolved itself after several forced restarts of the app.

Sounds like the app was reindexing the library and temporarily out of sync with the file system. It takes a few seconds (sometimes minutes, depending on the amount of content) to get in sync.

We have plans for improving the feedback when the app is indexing.

Having the same problem and no matter how long app is left open or forced resets it does not fix itself…

I had a similar problem and it was directly related to the indexing out of sync. The app wouldn’t crash but definitely would hang up and or not open the appropriate file I was selecting.

On my 12,9” iPad pro I have about 40gb of comics couple of thousand as well as another 15gb of pdf magazines.

I was about to move the files and reinstall but ( this is the wired part) I force stopped the app at least 6 times over the course of an hour or so then mine just started working.

I remember someone mentions they would work on improving the indexing of large amounts of files in the future.

See above for more accurate information from me.