Fit to width not working in vertical mode on an iPad

Hi there! Love the app! Was a longtime user of ComicZeal but recently discovered Panels. Just noticing that the Fit to Width view in vertical (iPad Pro 10.5) doesn’t seem to be getting the full width. Is this a bug? Please note I am on the iOS 13 public beta.


Hey @alxprsd

Thanks for reporting it :raised_hands:. This has to be a bug and we weren’t aware of.

Will fix in the next release.

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I’m glad to know it’s a bug. :grin: I thought it was intended and the fit-to-width was only for landscape mode.
I prefer the image fit to width in every position.
Other thing related with fit to width reader: in iPhone, with landscape mode and fit to width reader, if the the image is zoomed and you slide it until reach the border, the image unzoom to fit to width again.
It’s a bit annoying.
That doesn’t happen with iPad or iPhone vertical mode.

BTW, congratulations for the preload pages is superfast. Now reading experience is spectacular! :clap:


We’ll give it a look too :+1: Thanks for letting us know. I normally use other reading modes and I totally missed these ones.

Hey @dani / @victor !

Hoping this one hasn’t been forgotten. Much appreciated!

We have a new update about this.

Let us know what you think.