[Feature Request] Reading Playlists

Hi guys—I’m brand new to the community but have been using Panels awhile now. I would love to see two features added that would make Panels feel feature-complete to me. The first is sub-collections, which I know you’ve already addressed that as “not now but maybe one day.” But to my main point: I would love to see reading playlists added as a feature. Reading orders can get complicated when different series cross over and intersect, so reading playlists would be a great way to organize complex reading orders.

Thanks so much. Panels is my favorite comic reader by far, and I’m looking forward to future updates!

Hi @James816

Thanks for the feedback. I think reading playlists is an excellent idea. We take note of it. Sound like something we could implement in the future.

About the nested collections: Yep, but I would rephrase the “not now but maybe one day.” as “not now but definitely in a couple of months” :wink: We are already working on it and hopefully we’ll be able to release this feature in the upcoming months.


Give this a look, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it :wink:

Hey! I came here to say the same thing— Absolutely love the app, been using for a bit. Wondering if there is a good way to organize all my comics I haven’t read yet into one section playlist until I marked them as read. When I am batch uploading comics sometimes issues fall through the cracks. Having every book that is marked “unread” in one automatically organized spot could be cool.