[Feature Request] Collection Name, Import Source Sorting, Import Whole Folders, No Re-Downloads

Ok, bought the app, been using it for a bit, and I like it a lot! I did have a few feature requests…

  1. Show the name of the Collection in the Library. Currently, the only way to see the name of a collection is to long press on it.
  2. Sort Import File sources first by whether or not they are connected. For example, if I have Ubooquity linked and nothing else connected, I shouldn’t have to scroll to find the Ubooquity entry.
  3. Allow us to select whole folders to add, not just individual comics. Perhaps long press on a Folder, and it will download it as a Collection?
  4. When importing, don’t re-download items that already exist in the library / collection it’s being added to.

Other than the minor gripes, I’m enjoy the app. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the feedback @Clay

  1. You can show the collections and comics names already. There should be a switch to enable this feature in Settings/Library
  2. Yep, we are aware of this and we are already working on it. We’ll shortly be redesigning that screen and only the connected sources will show. We’ll add a separate screen with all the available services where you’ll be able to choose from, and even connect more than one service of the same kind at a time (where available. not all the services allow this)
  3. We’ll implement this in the future. The main blocker for this feature is that Panels doesn’t support nested collections at the moment. If we allow selecting one folder to import everything inside it, the selected folder could contain nested folders that Panels wouldn’t know what to do with. Once we implement support for nested Collections, we’ll be able to import folders.
    For now, the closest approach would be opening the desired folder, and tapping on “Select All”. You should find it on the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. This one is quite tricky and we’ve put a lot of thought in it already. There’s no way to know that a comic already exists until we download the file and check the file checksum. Using the filename would be very lousy because they are not unique. Some people organize their comics by folder and don’t include the title name in the file. (Image/Saga/1.cbz, Image/Saga/2.cbz, etc…). If services like dropbox, google drive, … would send us the file checksum as metadata, we could skip the download, but that is not the case. We could also store the original download URL locally, and skip it if you already downloaded it. But there’s no guarantee that the download URL is always the same. Unfortunately, the costs of solving this problem outweigh the benefit.
  1. I somehow missed the whole settings panel :smiley:

  2. Great!

  3. Great!

  4. Yeah, I looked at the OPDS feeds and a few others and nothing provides a checksum, so yeah. I see your point. Maybe just don’t download if there’s a matching file name in the target location?

Thanks for the replies!

Give this a look, I’m pretty sure you’ll like it :wink: