Double Page View in Landscape mode?

Does this app not have a way to see two pages next to each other when rotating the iPad from portrait to landscape? I can’t find a setting for this, so double page spreads that are split over two pages are a little hard to see properly. I’m hoping I’m just missing a setting in a menu somewhere, but this seems like it should be a setting in the issue reader mode itself, like manga reverse or under reading mode.

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It’s coming at some point. It’s part of there plans.

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Yep, it’s comming, hopefully soon. We also really want double page view on Panels :slight_smile:

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Is there any ETA on this? It’s the one thing keeping me from using the app.

Same thing with this, I look forward to see this feature ‘Hide page borders lock position’ implemented:


Victor, it is out of context, however I don’t lose anything in insisting, don’t forget the other feature that I mentioned previously. Thanks.:wink:

Getting a big here if I swipe up and then Down the panel looks like his:

Like a PIP

Nice to finally get the feature. It’s defiantly got a few bugs going on when flipping. I’m sure they’ll get worked out. It’s definitely the feature I needed to get me to buy the premium version of the app.

If I could make one request, currently it seems that landscape mode ignores the first page of a file. Understandable, as it’s usually the cover. But then it forces all double page spreads to be even Number pages on the left and odd Number pages on the right. Ex: Page 2/3 are always displayed side by side. Then pages 4/5, Pages 6/7, etc… but sometimes double pages butt up in odd places, (usual due to lacking an inside cover page to push everything over by one like it’s suppose to be in print.)

My suggestion is instead, whatever single page in portrait mode I’m currently looking at should default to the left hand page when I turn my device to landscape.

Ex: I’m looking at page 2 of a file and turn to landscape, page 2 would be on the left, & page 3 would be Displayed on the right. But if I go back to portrait and stop on page 3, then turn to landscape, page 3 should be on the left and page 4 on the right.

This way if there is a formatting problem with double pages butting against each other wrong, it doesn’t matter. Because I’d be able to force any page I want to be the left.

If not the main way to implement double pages, maybe offer it as a toggle alternative in the settings?


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Thanks @James_Purcell . This is really good feedback. We’ll give it a thought.


Looks like you guys implemented this feature in the latest update. Cool absolute Beans.

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Hey guys,

Loving the updates! One small request - similar to the single page fit to width (i.e. no black borders) option, can the same be done for double page view in landscape mode? Thanks. Keep up the great work!

P.S. I’m using a 2018 11 inch iPad Pro

How do I get this feature to work? When I first installed the app, I could see two pages side by side when I turned my iPad in landscape orientation. The feature suddenly disappeared so I Signed up as a premium user. But I can’t find this feature any longer. Now it only displays a single page in landscape orientation. Any help??

Thank you in advance!

You have to open a comic, press the button in the top right, press the menu option called Settings, then select the double page spread in landscape button.

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