Crash with 2.9.0 on iPadOS 15

Can’t launch the App on an IPad Pro updated to iPadOS 15
Instant crash on startup
Anyone else having this problem?

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Hey @GzDz21

Could you send me your support id on DM so I can try to track the crash log down?

Hi Dani

I can’t launch the App to get the Support ID. I did however manage to download the backup log if that helps? Can’t upload it to this post but here’s a OneDrive link Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I ended up deleting the App and reinstalled it, which now seems to work. I will have to upload all my comics again though :frowning:


Sorry about that @GzDz21 :sweat:

could you try sending us the ips logs from your device? If you have more than one, please send all of them. The more we get, more likely we’ll find the issue.

Hi Dani

I uploaded the log files to the OneDrive link in the previous post.



:pray: :raised_hands: thanks a buch

I too am having this issue. I just came over from Chunky as I was looking for a better library view and found this app.

Spent all night transferring my library to it just to wake up and find that it simply crashes before fully opening the app.

iPad Pro 2020 with iOS 15

Have you tried the testflight beta? They recently enabled one and the patch notes mention ios 15 improvements

edit: I found the link see if this works Join the Panels - Comic Reader beta - TestFlight - Apple

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Thanks, @Greg :raised_hands:

@CelticGamingGod we are very interested to know if the new beta solves the problem for you. We’ve been chasing that bug for a couple of weeks now and we haven’t been able to reproduce it on our end.

Let us know if the beta fixes it :pray:

Just tried it out. The Beta did not fix anything, in fact it took longer on the loading screen before crashing.

Thanks @CelticGamingGod :raised_hands:

Your crash logs from Testflight actually gave us valuable information and we think we’ve found the problem. We are uploading a new beta aiming to fix the issue that is affecting you.

Please, give it a try and let us know if it works now :crossed_fingers:

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Very happy I could help. I’m very interested in this product as I love the look of it so I am hoping it works out.

That being said, the new update DID work. I was able to get into the app.

However, there are some other crippling issues:

1: Upon first getting into the app, It was exceedingly choppy and kept freezing. A restart fixed this but it’s still not quite fluid.

2: I would say that roughly 85% of my collection has not loaded up cover art. I have over 100 “stacks” and only 22 have cover art.

Hope this information helps.