Continuous Reading

I’m absolutely loving the app, nice and streamlined but IMO it’s missing a crucial feature (unless I’ve missed it) which is continuous reading/progression to the next issue. I’ve created a collection for a given comic and when I get to the end of an issue, I need to tap back to the library then into the next issue.

It would be great if Panels would simply start the next issue for me. Hoping this is already on the roadmap :pray:t3:

If you place all your issues in the same series together in there own “collection” and as long as they are named numerically correct the app does do this.

Hmmmm, I must be missing something because this doesn’t work for me. This is how my files are named within a collection.

Hey @smithjw !

What reading mode do you normally use?

At this moment, not all the reading modes support that feature. But we are working on that :wink:
Vertical scrolling or Panels View, for instance, don’t support it yet.

Will be available shortly.

Ahhhh! That’d be why, I’m using the vertical scrolling mode (which I love by the way). Looking forward to it being supported in that mode soon!

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@dani has any work gone into making Continuous reading work while in Vertical Scroll mode?

Actually yes :slight_smile: We’re revamping the Continuous reading feature to make it completely independent from the reader. It won’t only be compatible with Vertical Scroll but with the rest of readers and any future reader that might come.

We’re aiming for the next release (very soon) :wink:

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Wooo! Thanks @dani, can’t wait till it’s integrated

This is coming this week (build has already been sent to Apple). It is already available in the beta version if you want to try it.

@victor Oh I’d love to get onto the beta! The last time I tried to sign up, it was full though :frowning:

Hey @smithjw, you should be able to join the beta from here Join Panels beta

Keep in mind that 1.10.8 has been released already and we’ll disable it from the Testflight in the upcoming days.

Love the new feature, works as expected @dani. One thing I’d request is that if a user taps to continue reading to the next issue, that next issue should start from the 1st page and not where it was up to.

In my case, I’m re-reading the first 5 issues of Die before the next issue drops tomorrow, so when I continue onto the next issue, I’m at the end of it and need to manually go to the 1st page.

Just my 2c :slight_smile:

Interesting :thinking:

We’ll give it a thought. Not sure if resetting the reading progress would work for everyone’s use case. But we can add a toggle in settings to enable this specific behaviour.

Thanks for the feedback :raised_hands: