2 pages view updates?

I was wondering if there are updates for the 2 pages view feature. I think this is so important and should be the priority, since all comics viewer already have it.


Ohh wow, I missed that, thanks guys :heart:

I’m not sure when it’s coming they posted it few days ago. Hopefully in a new TestFlight beta

Hey folks :wave:

We are waiting for Apple to review the Testflight. It should be available in the upcoming hours :crossed_fingers:

There are still a few rough edges that we’ll keep polishing.

Looking forward to your feedback.

To test the beta, do I receive a message inside TestFlight app? Do you already have an idea of when the feature will be available on the official app?

This new update will bring more new reading features, or we will have to wait another little to see a massive update with that?!

The new beta version have just been approved. If you were already a beta tester you should receive a notification. If you are not a beta tester yet, you can sign in here:

You keep asking for a “massive update” but there will not be such thing. We will be gradually working on new features for the app at our own pace.

I think there referring to the nested collections glimpse that was posted. Not sure

None of that, I mean this.

I will jump for joy when I see this feature introduced.